Victoria's Secret magazine is one of the popular magazines for men to read about women.


When Serleena arrived on Earth, she reproduced herself as Kylothian worm. She slipped through the park, and found a magazine. Wind blow the pages of magazine, and opened on the page, where it was showing Lara Flynn Boyle in black lingerie and shoes from Victoria's Secret. Then, Serleena opened her mouth, and using her small Kylothians worms, she was transformed into exact copy of Lara Flynn Boyle from an ad of magazine. When Serleena finished her transformation, she was immediately attacked by a thief named Creepy. He licked her smooth neck and took her behind the bush with idea to rape her. It made Serleena furious, hidden from view, she roars and eats the man, his legs are visible when she eats him upside down. She walks back from the bush, licking her fingers and moving her stomach from side to side. Suddenly, she stops and looked at the ad of Victoria's Secret. Understanding that her big stomach ruins her human form, she growls and returns behind the bush to vomit him out to regain her figure. After she vomited, she decided to take his clothes. Then she started to leave the park, with Creepy's clothes, she knew that she couldn't walk through New-York in a bra and panties. She takes his clothes and walked across the alley to wear over the lingerie by normal clothes.