J activating the Time-jump device for 1969.

This is the real deal time-jump gear; very rare, very old, but first, we gotta get high.
—Jeffrey Price.

The Time-jump device was a piece of time travel technology invented by Obadiah Price. MIB made time travel illegal throughout the universe. Obadiah Price was serving life in LunarMax Prison on the moon which was also where Boris The Animal was incarcerated.


MIB made time travel illegal throughout the universe because they knew that any criminal who possessed time travel would make attempts to change the course of history and cause cracks and breaks in the timeline. Obadiah Price invented the Time-jump device, a piece of time travel to enable an individual to travel backwards or forwards in time.

When Boris attempted to kill Agent K on July 16th 1969 he acquired a Time-jump device from Obadiah's son Jeffery Price who was a black marketer. Agent J acquired a Time-jump device of his own from Jeffery Price and he attempted to track Boris in 1969 before he kills Agent K and stops him from deploying the ArcNet Shield.

When Agent J was battling Boris he used the Time-jump device to travel back to the beginning of the fight to avoid from being hit by the spikes and apprehend Boris. He later uses it to return to his own time.

Technical Information

The Time-jump device can only send an individual through time is that it had to be at the correct speed so the individual can break the laser line so he can travel back or forwards in time. For shorter jumps of a few minutes it seems to send the user back into their past body rather than sending their current self back. It also seems to only time travel the holder of the device as J time-jumped while holding Boris The Animal and he was the only one that went through time.


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