"The Circus Parade Syndrome"
"The Breaking News Syndrome"

"The Virtual Crossfire Syndrome"
Season 4
Episode 9
Episode in Total 49
Air Date May 5, 2001
Production Code 408
Directed By Chuck Drost
Written By Dean Stefan

"The Virtual Crossfire Syndrome" is the nineth episode of Season Four, and the 49th overrall. it originally aired on May 5, 2001. It was written by Dean Stefan and directed by Chuck Drost.


Jay gets a low score on MIB's new virtual reality training test and the embarrassment eventually forces him to try again. But this time the game goes haywire and the dangers Jay faces become deadly.


MIB The Series S4E9 The Virtual Crossfire Syndrome

MIB The Series S4E9 The Virtual Crossfire Syndrome

Alien bartender´s Queen Victoria

Alien criminal´s Queen Victoria

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