"The Undercover Syndrome"
"The Symbiote Syndrome"

"The Neuralyzer Syndrome"
Neuralyzer Syndrome
Season 1
Episode 6
Episode in Total 6
Air Date November 15, 1997
Production Code 06
Directed By Dennis Woodyard
Written By Mark Amato
"The Neuralyzer Syndrome" is the sixth episode of Season One of Men in Black: The Series. It originally aired on November 15, 1997. The episode was written by Mark Amato and directed by Dennis Woodyard.


Jay wants to know more about Kay, but Kay doesn't want Jay to know much. A pair of alien war-profiteers named the "Chop-Shoppers", who steal flying machines and sell them to black markets, appear and attempt to steal a spacecraft disguised as a Dry-cleaning store. Jay is distracted by an old friend from his pre-MiB life, but after the reunion was broke up by Kay's neuralyzer, he drops it, and Jay picks it up. As they go after the Chop-Shoppers, Kay says, "You can't go home again." They fail to catch the Chop-Shoppers. Then, while not paying attention, Jay neuralyzes Kay to the age of sixteen! With Kay's memory gone, how will he and Jay stop the Chop-Shoppers?


Prem Karto



Boss´s Chop-Shoppers



Men in black the series S1E06 The Neuralyzer Syndrome

Men in black the series S1E06 The Neuralyzer Syndrome

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  • This episode is no longer shown in America due to an alien ship disguised as a blimp almost crashing into the World Trade Center.
    • This is also true for other episodes that involved the World Trade Center.

This episode involves K getting Neuralyzed which would later become a plot device in Men in Black II