"The "J" is for James Syndrome"
"The Spectacle Syndrome"

"The Musical Chairs Syndrome"
The Musicial Chairs Syndrome
Season 4
Episode 1
Episode in Total 41
Air Date September 16, 2000
Production Code 405
Directed By Curt Walstead
Written By Dean Steffan

"The Musical Chairs Syndrome" is the first episode of Season Four. It originally aired on September 16, 2000 and the episode was written by Dean Stefan and directed by Curt Walstead.


Changes abound at MIB as Dr. Zeeltor takes over in the lab for L, who has become a field agent and gotten partnered with an alien named Agent X. As these new changes set in, MIB has to stop New York from being devoured by a Barooga.

Bug Ford criminal



Bodyguards´s Blandon


MIB The Series S4E1 - The Musical Chairs Syndrome

MIB The Series S4E1 - The Musical Chairs Syndrome