"The Zero to Superhero Syndrome"
"The Endgame Syndrome, Part 2"

"The Endgame Syndrome, Part 1"
Season 4
Episode 12
Episode in Total 52
Air Date June 23, 2001
Production Code 412
Directed By Chris Berkeley
Written By Dean Stefan

The Endgame Syndrome, Part 1 was the twelveth episode of Season Four and the beginning of the Men in Black: The Series series finale. Originally aired on June 23, 2001, the episode was written by Dean Stefan and directed by Chris Berkeley.


Alpha, Vangus and the Ixions return to Earth, working together to threaten all life on the planet. With invasion imminent, Zed decides to reveal MiB's existence to the world.


MIB The Series S4E12 The Endgame Syndrome (Part 1)

MIB The Series S4E12 The Endgame Syndrome (Part 1)