"The Dog Eat Dog Syndrome"
"The Jack O'Lantern Syndrome"

"The Big Bad Bug Syndrome"
Big Bad Bug.PNG
Season 2
Episode 5
Episode in Total 18
Air Date October 24, 1998
Production Code 18
Directed By Christopher Dozois
Written By Greg Weisman

"The Big Bad Bug Syndrome" is the fifth episode of Season Two, and the 18th overrall. it originally aired on October 24, 1998. It was written by Greg Weisman and directed by Christopher Dozois.


The Queen of the Bugs puts out a bounty on the MiB agent responsible for the demise of dearly-departed Edgar. Now Elle must escape from some nasty Bugs - including Edgar's brother, Edwin - looking to collect the reward. Meanwhile, the Worms must try to keep the Emperor Worm happy.


Guest Stars


  • This episode features a flashback by Kay of a scene from the first live-action film. He remembers when Edgar was killed by Elle, saving him and Jay. However, it is animated instead of live-action unlike the live-action film.



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