Congratulations, Reg. It's a...Squid.
—Kay talking about the newborn

A Squid is MiB codename for a squid-like alien. They are brown aliens with big dark eyes. They appear to have tentacles all over their body. The only Squid that is seen is a small newborn, but the adults probably look similar to the newborns in their natural form.


After Jay is recruited, him and Kay are sent by Zed to investigate an alien out of it's zone. Kay questions the alien in human disguise, while Jay helps the mother give a very aggressive birth. After being flung around, Jay is thrown across the road with a newborn Squid. When he sees how cute it is, the Squid vomits on him. Jay received training, and Kay realizes that something is happening, as the aliens were going to jump the planet.


  • As shown in the original film, Squids have a very aggressive and dangerous birth.
  • The squid, at least the infant version, resembled the Nautolans from the Star Wars franchise. Coincidentally, a member of the species, Kit Fisto, debuted in Attack of the Clones in 2002, 5 years after the release of Men in Black.