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Scrad (left) Charlie (right)

Scrad is an alien of an unknown species that helped Serleena during her search for the Light of Zartha. Scrad has another head coming out of his backpack (Charlie), although it is the same head, and just a long neck. Scrad is basically a moron, not realizing when people are talking to him, or telling him what to do. Serleena knew Scrad and Charlie, as she came right to him when she came to Earth. They worked together in the infiltration of the Men in Black Headquarters. Scrad and Charlie are both portrayed by Johnny Knoxville.


  • Midway through Men in Black II, Scrad and Charlie just seemingly disappear without explanation. In the novelization it's revealed the two defected from Serleena and helped J and K defeat her. K later gave them jobs at the post office he worked in much to the two's delight.