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A Remoolian is an alien species in the MIB series. The only known Remoolian is Frank the Pug, who is living on Earth. their planet of origin is Remoolia, but since Frank lives on Earth without the aide of a respiratory machine, it can be assumed the home world has an atmosphere similar to Earth's. They are also likely small, as they are able to take the appearance of a small dog, unlike many other aliens, who have taken the appearance of humans.


In the non-canon Men in Black: The Series, it is revealed that Frank's true form resembles a pug, albeit with a pale green color, antennas, and a 3-pointed tail. It is unknown what individualistic characteristics Remoolians possess. 

Known Individuals


  • It is unknown how many other Remoolians are on Earth, as Frank is the only known and confirmed Remoolian.


Other canine-like aliens: 

Black Rottermite