Redgick's Wife

Redgick's wife, is a Squid spouse of Redgick. Her name is unknown. Redgick and her were first seen caught by The Men in Black fleeing their designated zone. While Redgick didn't explain fully what the cause of his (along with the other alien's) exodus, his wife was currently in labor with their newborn. While Agent K discusses the situation, Agent J on his first day of work is tasked to helping the wife deliver the baby. J at first tries to get her into Lamaze breathing, however to his shock and surprise a tentacle from her shoots out and grabs him. Shaking him around in what seems to be the Squid's variation of labor induced aggression. After shaking, slamming and dragging J into the car, she eventually let's him go along with tossing the newborn at him to catch. It's unknown what happened to her along with Redgick and the Baby, it's safe to assume they returned after the situation that scared them so; Edgar the Bug's arrival was fully resolved.