A Quick Clone is a type of MiB technology. As its name suggests, it is a clone of a being, but the clone is short lasting. When its time is up, it starts to babble, and then it melts to a pile of goo. They are used to create a distraction, or a way to secretly escape. It is also shown items can be placed in Quick Clones, as Jay put a bomb in one to attack Alpha. (MiB:TS The Alpha Syndrome)


Quick Clones adapt every aspect of their host, from personality to DNA. This makes them difficult to discern from their original host. Clones can last anywhere between 5 minutes to 5 hours before melting. If a clone is still active when its job is done, pressing a button on its left jugular vein will deactivate it, turning it into goo. (MiB:TS The Quick Clone Syndrome)


Quick Clones are used mainly to make people believe that the clone is the original host. Jay created multiple clones of himself with the help of Elle to avoid work and get rest, however this backfired and Alpha created a perfect clone of Jay from a clone's remains that never melted and could not be deactivated. (MiB:TS The Quick Clone Syndrome)