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I feel like I'm gonna break this damn thing!

The Noisy Cricket is a tiny, palm-sized firearm of astonishing power. Despite its small size, it launches a large orb of energy. The Cricket can level a truck or blast through five feet of concrete. Few agents get the hang of holding the gun properly to minimize its recoil, which can hurl the firer across the room.


In the original film, Jay is given the Noisy Cricket as his beginning weapon. He reluctantly carries it, believing he is going to break it. It is not until Edgar the Bug drives away that it is first fired. Here, Jay flies back from the powerful recoil, and a large green ball of energy is released (it also makes a sound similar to a cricket, given its name). Despite its power, he does not use it in the final battle.

J applying the silencer to the Noisy Cricket

In the animated series, Jay still uses the Noisy Cricket with the same result (though in the second season he adds a silencer to it, which nullifies the kickback).

In the second film, Jay gives the neuralyzed Kay the Noisy Cricket just as the opposite had happened in the previous movie. Jay also tells Kay that he always loved the Cricket, which Kay knows is false. After Kay is deneuralyzed he shoots off Jeeb's head, but admits he didn't know it would grow back. After regaining his memory, he shoots a couple of the aliens with the weapon, killing them and saving Jay.


The Agent K figure with Noisy Cricket.

  • A (roughly) full-size toy of the Noisy Cricket was included with the "Cosmic Quick-Shift Agent K & Noisy Cricket" figure. The toy makes a sound when the trigger is pulled and can transform into a "Plasma Hopper" that the K figure can be placed on.
  • In the video game Saints Row IV there's a weapon named the "Tiny Pistol" based on the Noisy Cricket. The only costume for the Tiny Pistol is called the "Loud Locust", an obvious reference to the Noisy Cricket's name. The Tiny Pistol takes the RPG slot when used and it sends a destructive orb when fired, blowing the player back.


  • In Men in Black II, after Kay gets his memory of MiB back, he shoots Jeebs' head off with the Noisy Cricket, but it didn't launch a large orb of energy. However, it is possible the weapon has settings to control its discharge.