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Agent K showing the front of a neuralyzer

This is called a 'neuralyzer'. A gift from some friends from out of town. The red eye here isolates and measures the electronic impulses in your brains. More specifically, the ones for memory.
Agent K describing the Neuralyzer to INS Agents.

An electro bio-mechanical neural transmitting zero synapse repositioner, commonly referred to as a neuralyzer is a top secret device used by the MiB. It has the ability to wipe the mind of anybody who sees the flash via isolating and editing certain electronic impulses related to memory. Once people are neuralyzed, they seem to enter a trance that leaves their minds prone to suggestion. This enables agents to replace memories with fictional cover stories and even give them certain instructions. Neuralyzers are paramount to the MIB's operation and maintenance of secrecy.

A neuralyzer is a device varying in size, that wipes the memory of a target. The set length of memory erased can be changed using dials, and the effects can be reversed. In order for agents to not be harmed by the effects, they have "Ray-Ban" sunglasses, that deflect the light created by the neuralyzer. It is the standard equipment of MIB officers. After being neuralyzed, if the agent does not supply the new memory, or a group of people get neuralyzed, a special team is sent in to give memories, and change the environment to reflect these memories. The neuralyzer can also affect species other than humans, like some animals and alien organisms. [1] [2]

1969 Deneuralyzer

The 1969 Neuralyzer in Men in Black III

In Men in Black 3, the 1969 variant of a neuralyzer is shown to be roughly the size of an MRI machine. Similar in shape to the miniature neuralyzer, the 1969 version is a cylindrical tube positioned in the center of a room and maintained by three MiB officials. Once the witness has been placed inside the neuralyzer, it begins to rotate at high speeds. The inside of the neuralyzer is lined with segmented columns that pulse green when the device is primed. It can be deactivated remotely by the push of a button.

In addition to this, Agent K carries around with him a portable version of the neuralyzer to Cape Canaveral in Florida. This device is seemingly powered by a unit on his belt, and makes a similar bleeping sound to a dial up connection. The specifics of how the portable neuralyzer works in comparison with the modern day equivalent are unknown.

In the Comics[]

The device in the comic books was referred to as a 'neurolyser'. This is also where the concept of using Ray-Ban sunglasses to prevent an agent's memory from getting affected was introduced. It is seen more in the shape of a flashlight than a cigar-like shape made popular by the films. It does not simply erase memory like the movie counterpart does. In the comic books, the neurolyser is a device used for manipulation and control. When neurolysed, a witness is simply hypnotized and does what ever Agent Kay or Jay wants them to do, such as provide information, believe a lie and/or pass that lie along as fact.


Main article: De-Neuralyzer

The effects of neuralyzers can be reversed with a de-neuralyzer. The only two known owners of a de-neuralyzer is MiB Headquarters, and Jack Jeebs (although his is illegal, and does not work nearly as well).


A neuralyzer comes with three settings, which can be changed using dials, which in the first movie were days, months, and years, though the second film implies that setting for hours was added. These can be set accordingly to the amount of time needed to be forgotten.

Back of a Neuralyzer

Back of a Neuralyzer.


  • In the entire first movie, Jay calls the neuralyzer the "flashy thing," and only uses it once at the very end.
    • Ironically, in the second movie, he neuralizes many partners, as they do not live up to his older partner Kay, and apparently they also desired to quit the MIB.
  • In Men in Black II the neuralyzer color changes from red to blue. Based on the trailer for Men in Black 3, the neuralyzer design has changed slightly, and the flash is now changed to cyan.
  • The Statue of Liberty has a giant neuralyzer inside her torch to wipe the memory of the entire population of New York City when they witnessed the Light being returned. In the TV show, the giant neuralyzer is in the Empire State Building.
    • In MIB II movie intro, the torch held by the Columbia woman emits a bright flash accompanied by the neuralyzer audio effect, as a hint to the Statue of Liberty's giant device.
  • J's car in 2002 equips a flight-mode ventral automated neuralyzer to erase witnesses' memories of a flying car.
  • The neuralyzer has changed design in every single MiB movie, including International
  • Oddly in the animated show, at times K or J would supply a fake memory, THEN neuralize witnesses.
    • They can also occasionally be seen holding the neuralyzer backwards.
      • These are most likely animation errors.
  • In the animated show, it was stated that only human brains could be affected by the effects of the neuralyzers.
    • In the same episode this is mentioned when K and J begin to wipe everyone's memory in a Seafood Restaurant the Arquilian Ambassador put on the same Black Glasses there might be some explanations as to why he did this.
      • It might have been an error in the episode.
      • Certain Alien Species' memory cells might work similar to human memory cells.
  • Neuralyzers are also used on agents who make the decision to retire, resign from their role, or are terminated for any offense.
    • Neuralyzers are even used on trainees who aren't accepted into MIB.
  • In the Cousin Skeeter TV movie, "New Kids on the Planet", the neuralyzer has the sound of a camera flash when J nerualyzed Bobby, Nina and Nicole (except for Skeeter, who looked away saving his memory of the whole adventure).
  • The neuralyzer makes an appearance in the Family Guy cartoon series. In the episode From Method to Madness, Lois uses the neuralyzer to erase Chris' memory of his interaction with nudists.
  • The Neuralyzer is referenced in The Penguins of Madagascar. In the episode Alienated (which also deals with the threat of an alien invasion) Kowalski uses his pen like a neuralyzer on Roy, but since it was just a normal pen, it does nothing.



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