Men In Black 3 "Look Right Here" Movie Clip

Men In Black 3 "Look Right Here" Movie Clip

Now if you'll just look right here...
—Something you might hear before being neuralyzed.

Neuralization is a process of memory erasure by isolating and manipulating the mnemonic impulses of the brain. Being Neuralyzed is the result of seeing the flash from the Neuralyzer. When someone is neuralyzed, they lose their entire memory of an event up to a certain point, set through the use of dials on the Neuralyzer itself.

With neuralyzers, they can make witnesses forget the aliens that they may have seen or came in contact with. The MiB do not use this sparingly, neuralyzing almost everybody they talk to. Once a subject has been neuralyzed, an agent would usually plant false recollections which fill the mnemonic gap they just created, typically regarding the "non-existence of the MiB or extraterrestrial life". The results of the neuralyzer are meant to be permanent, but can be reversed with a De-Neuralyzer, which is not as simple of a process.

People who have been neuralyzed