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MIB 3 poster featuring J on a monocycle.

You have these in the future?
K, 1969.

A Monocycle, also known as a Gyrocycle, is a mode of transportation typically composed of one wheel encompassing the driver and the mechanism which powered the vehicle. The MiB utilized high-tech monocyclical vehicles during the 1960s. This type of monocycle was collapsable, conserving space and would fully reconstruct when activated. They were capable of reaching incredibly high speeds and were used mostly in special emergencies.


K with a monocycle.

In 1969, Agents K and J resorted to using monocycles when their Ford Galaxie was destroyed. The Ford contained 2 of these vehicles in a compartmanet underneath the car in event they had to be used. J and K rode these in pursuit of the younger Boris the Animal who held Griffin captive on his motorcycle. The chase went on all thoroughout Queens, New York until Griffin was successfully rescued.

MIB3 Monocycle1.jpeg


  • When pursuing Boris, J and K cut through the World's Fair Plaza passing by the unisphere and the observation towers seen in the first Men in Black film.


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