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Alpheus Merchant




MiB Guard

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The MiB Guard is an MiB member and is portrayed by Alpheus Merchant. He is almost always seen sitting and guarding the front elevator of MiB Headquarters. He can be seen reading the newspaper and speaking when Agent J or K walks by. In Men in Black 3, he is briefly replaced by a different guard in the altered timeline.


  • In Men in Black 3 Jay calls him "Pops". Pops could be his real name or it was probably just a nickname given to him.
  • The Guard did not seem to do anything when Serleena had taken over MiB Headquarters in Men in Black II.
  • The man who plays the guard, Alpheus Merchant is not a very famous actor. In fact, people may only recognize him of this role.
  • In Men in Black II, on one of the pages of the newspaper he's reading says, "Satan Escapes from Hell", and funny enough he says Serleena is causing all kinds of Hell. The newspaper could be implying Serleena as Satan.
  • He's the only character to appear in all three films besides J and K.


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