Men in Black: The Album
Released July 1, 1997
Recorded 1994-1997
Length 1:06:05
Label Colombia/Sony
Produced by Poke & Tone, Jermaine Dupri, Michael-Anthony "Mookie" Taylor, Deconzo Smith, Jerome Malcolm, The Ummah, De La Soul, Branford Marsalis

Men in Black: The Album was an album released by Columbia Records and served as a soundtrack to Men in Black. Released on July 1, 1997, the Album was a huge hit. It spent two weeks as #1 on the Billboard top 200. Selling more than 3 million copies, the Album went 3x Platinum. The album had four singles, including the title song Men in Black by Will Smith. The album had songs by then-unknown artists Destiny's Child and Alicia Keys. Other than Men in Black and the two Danny Elfman songs, none of the songs were on the movie.

Track Listing

  1. Men in Black - Will Smith
  2. We Just Wanna Party With You - Snoop Dog
  3. I'm Feeling You - Ginuwine
  4. Dah Dee Dah (Sexy Thing) - Alicia Keys
  5. Just Cruisin' - Will Smith
  6. The 'Notic - The Roots
  7. Make You Happy - Trey Lorenz
  8. Escobar '97 - Nas
  9. Erotik City - Emoja
  10. Same Ol' Thing - A Tribe Called Quest
  11. Killing Time - Destiny's Child
  12. Waiting For Love - 3T
  13. Channel No. Fever - De La Soul
  14. Some Cow Fonque (More Tea, Vicar?) - Buckshot LeFonque
  15. M.I.B. Main Theme - Danny Elfman
  16. M.I.B. Closing Theme - Danny Elfman

The Score

Main article: Men in Black: The Score

With the release of the Album, a score was also released, which contained the music in the film.

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