Malibu Comics (also known as Malibu Graphics) was an American Comic book publisher founded in 1986 best known for its Ultraverse series of superheroes. They has a strong connection with Aircel Comics, and helped publish the second volume of The Men in Black comics.

History and Connections with Aircel

In 1988, Aircel Comics owner Barry Blair had financial problems. In order to repay his debts, he made a deal with Malibu Comics. Malibu would continue some of their comics, and in return, Malibu would provide financial assistance. After the first series of The Men in Black comics, Aircel's debt was paid and Blair left Aircel. Aircel continued publishing comics including three more Men in Black Issues, but they were distributed by Malibu. In 1994, after low sales, Malibu was published by Marvel Comics, who continued some comics, and released a series of one-shots for The Men in Black after the release of the movie.

The Men in Black Comics

The Men in Black Book II