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Luca Brasi is a Terrantian alien who acts as personal bodyguard to the alien arms dealer Riza Stavros. He is named after the infamous bodyguard and enforcer of Don Corleone, from the 1972 crime drama Godfather, Luca Brasi.


Luca is a large, muscular, intimidating alien from unknown origins. His powerful physique and towering stature made him the perfect choice for a personal security detail. He was charged with protecting the alien arms dealer Riza Stavros and was largely successful, except when faced with Agent M.

Agent M, as a young child in 1996, helped Luca escape the grasp of the Men in Black, allowing him to sneak away unharmed and without a trace. Unfortunately, due to Wright's parent's proximity to the said alien, as well as interacting with the MiB, they were neuralyzed.

Luca, realising that Agent M was the same young girl that helped him escape many years ago, decided to turn on his former employer, and forced her to hand over the Crystal Weapon back to Agent M, before helping her and Agent H flee the island. His fate is unknown, but it is assumed he also left Stavros' island.

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