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Laura Vasquez (born September 23rd/October 22nd, 1977/78) is a central character in Men in Black II. Here she gets roped into the whole plot because of her connection with the Light of Zartha, which the main villain, Serleena wants. She is portrayed by Rosario Dawson.


In the beginning of the film, she worked in a pizzeria for Ben, who is actually an alien. When she goes to get Mountain Dew from the basement, Serleena comes and kills Ben. After being interrogated by Jay, she is placed into protection with the Worms. It is here she realizes that her bracelet is the Light of Zartha. However, Serleena does find her, and she is captured and is almost taken. But, Jay and Kay save her and are chased by Serleena. Finally, on top of a building, Kay reveals that she is the daughter of the alien Lauranna. He reveals that Laura is the Light of Zartha, and to prove it he tells her that it always rains when she is sad. Laura realizes this is true, and gets into a ship into space to save the world. As she leaves, it starts raining inside the ship. Serleena makes a final attempt to get Laura, but is finally killed by Jay and Kay.



  • It is implied that her father is Kay, but he refuses to confirm this.
  • Ironically if J did use the neuralyzer on Laura, it would've revealed a major plot point much earlier than the plot intended as it only works on human brain cells.
  • She did not appear in Men in Black 3, as she is on Zartha.