Kelortians, also known as "Flyboys", are an alien race featured in Men in Black II: Alien Escape.


The Classified Alien Data describes the Kelortians as "upstanding galactic citizens" on their own world. However, they are considered criminals on Earth due to several illicit quirks. Among these are human abduction, distorting time without the appropriate permits and "freestyle" cattle mutilation. Despite the illegal nature of these acts, Kelortians classify them as "harmless little pranks".

A Kelortian is seen being held in a force field cell within the V.S.S Maximus Securitus, the largest prison ship in the galaxy, which accidentally crash landed on Earth after being hit by an asteroid and missing its target in 1972. Like all other inmates, they escaped the ship by 2002.

Role in the game

Several Kelortians are seen throughout the game aiding the escaped aliens in their plan. Like their actions, their design is based on the Greys of popular culture, featuring a bluish gray face with purple back coloration. Like its inspiration, the Kelortians have large walnut-shaped dark eyes, a large bald head and a featureless face. Their body is extremely slender and hunched, with long arms that end in large hands. Their mode of transport is a small one-seat saucer shaped aircraft, which covers their lower body and hovers off the ground while emitting a humming sound.

These vessels mimic the pilot's coloration, except for the back, which features glowing green segments. It also features what appears to be flight stabilizers on the right and left sides of the seat. Kelortians navigate these ships with two joystick-like hand levers. They attack by dropping green-colored plasma bombs from the bottom of their airships. Kelortians possess a high-pitched voice which is only heard while they are attacking or if their ships are spinning out of control.