Jarra is a brilliant, intergalactic criminal genius that is a kreulite that served as a secondary antagonist of Men in Black II. He tried to steal the Earth's ozone to sell on the black market. He was foiled by Jay and arrested then imprisoned at MiB Headquarters for 5 years and 43 days. When Serleena came to Earth in her quest for the Light of Zartha, he was released at the expense of building Serleena a ship that could travel three hundred times the speed of light, in which he succeeded. During the fight between him and Jay, Jarra crashed into one of his mini clones and was destroyed in an explosion of blue flames.


Jarra appears to be a tall being wearing a large black bell shaped coat. However, when the coat came off, it was revealed that he is actually a small alien riding a miniature flying saucer, and that his mini clones were hidden under the coat as well.


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