MiB Issue 1
Volume The Men in Black Book
Issue in Volume #1
Issue in Total #1
Number of Pages 36
Original Cost $2.25
Release Date January 1990
Published By Aircel Comics
Written By Lowell Cunningham
Illustrated By Sandy Caruthers

Initiation is the very first of The Men in Black comics, and the first of the The Men in Black Book series of three issues. Initiation was released in January 1990 by Aircel Comics, and was written by series creator Lowell Cunningham.



A cult known as the Diabilos captures DEA agent Carl North. Meanwhile, Agent Kay keep an eye on the Quinones brothers, Ramon and Roberto. They are about to be abushed by their rivals, the Detagliou family. With them is an undercover DEA agent. The Quinones' are ambushed by Agent Kay and the DEA agent is neurolysed by Kay. He wakes up in Kay's car who explains to him how their paths cross. He is after a drug called Berzerk. It's known to turn a normal person savage. The DEA agent is initiated into the Men In Black and is designated, Agent Jay. Kay sets up Jay to be captured by the cultists, who will lead him to their leader, Hector Dominguez. A girl takes Berzerk, or Manna as Hector calls it, and she attacks Jay. Jay knocks her out only to be attacked by more cultists high on Berzerk. Kay comes out of nowhere with a shotgun and tells the intoxicated cultists to attack Hector. Then he carries a badly beaten Jay back to the car.


  • Agent K
  • Agent J
  • Agent Zed
  • Hector Dominguez
  • Ramon Quinones
  • Roberto Quinones
  • Carl North
  • Martha

Issue Information

  • 36 Pages
  • Original Price: US $2.25 ($2.70 in Canada)




Cover Artists




  • This is the first comic ever, so this issue literally started the series.