The Inanimates are a species of alien from an unknown planet, known to be being chased by Eileen.

The inanimate can take the form of any inanimate object, likely the source of its name. It can only be injured in its true form. The Inanimate's true form resembles a large worm with a large green mouth.

Animated Series

Only appears in The Inanimate Syndrome after landing on Earth. It imitates various objects in the earth to prevent capture by Eileen and MiB agents. It has demonstrated several abilities in its escape. The creature manages to capture agent Kay.

objects it has taken form of

  • a swivel chair
  • a dog collar
  • a blue bicycle
  • a mannequin
  • a spider with the mannequins head on it
  • an air vent
  • MiB glasses
  • MiB control panel
  • mascot costume (oxy the centipede)
  • MiB mobile
  • ceiling tile
  • exit door
  • rocket