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Idikiukup and Bob

Earth Name

Idikiukup and Bob

Indigenous Name


Earth Disguise


Actual Species


First Appearance

Men in Black


Film, Animated series

Home Planet

Centauri B

Idikiukup and Bob are twins from Centauri B who work as technicians in the MiB headquarters.

Men in Black

They first appear in Men in Black. They can be seen operating consoles and giving information to agents. They were the ones who conveyed the message that the Arquillian ship was in orbit over eEarth and would begin an attack if the Galaxy was not returned to them.

Strangely, the twins made no further appearances in the two sequels.

Animated Series

They appear later in Men in Black: The Series continuing to work as informants, giving information to agents. Bob is shown piloting a helicopter in the episode "The Fmall, Fmall World Syndrome". Both are shown in a later episode piloting a spacecraft.


The name of one of the twins differs in the first movie and in the cartoon series.


Men in Black (film)

Men in Black: The Series

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