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High T was the head of the UK branch of the MIB and the main antagonist of Men in Black: International, along with alien faction The Hive. He is portrayed by Liam Neeson.


High T was an exemplary agent of the MiB, rising through the ranks and becoming the head of the London branch of the MiB. Not much is known about his past, though it is known that he has participated in several high-profile as well as clandestine operations by the organization.

High T and Agent H in 2016

He is a strong-willed, determined, stern, and somewhat fatherly leader, and is also prone to bouts of frustration. He is protective of Agent H, much to the chagrin of Agent C. However, he shows no remorse in relegating him to desk duty after the failed assignment of protecting Vungus the Ugly, which had the potential to uncover the entire shadowy organization.

Sometime in 2016, Agent H and High T were sent to the Eiffel Tower, where they encountered The Hive. After a short battle, the Hive was defeated and Agent H was made out to be the hero. However, despite years of telling this story and taking credit for their defeat, he does not know exactly what happened.

It is discovered that High T was infected by the Hive, and used his Neuralyzer to erase Agent H's memories of the events, using the next three years to plot a new invasion of Earth. With the help of Agent M and Pawny, this plan is foiled, and Agent H is able to enjoy a few fleeting moments with the real High T until he, along with the Hive threat, are destroyed.


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