Ooh, man! You look like you come from the planet Damn.
—J, repulsed by the aliens appearance

The giant fish alien was a fish-like alien that was a minor antagonist in the film Men in Black 3


After Agent J killed all the criminals in Wu's restaurant it burst from the kitchen doors and attempted to bite him in half but was stopped by a metal tray. Before it was able to crush the tray however J was able to temporally distract it by pouring two mustard dispensers into its nostrils causing it to sneeze, launching him out a window. It lunged out the window and pinned him against a outside wall. J realizing the aliens skin was unable to be penetrated reached into its gills and pulled out one of its vital organs much to his disgust killing it.


It partially resembled a catfish in appearance. It was brown and blue with multiple catfish like whiskers across the sides of its head, It had four nostrils and possesed multiple fang like teeth in its jaws. It was shown to be able to move on land albeit rather poorly suggesting it is mostly aquatic in nature.


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