Forbus is an Alcidian that hunted humans, despite his race being normally laid-back creatures.

Animated series

He appears in The Psychic Link Syndrome. Living in secret as a human taxi driver, much like others of his species, he was mentally unbalanced. In addition to an unusual eating habit of eating human food, he also went on a spree of stealing the essence of whoever took a photo or caught him on video, as he believed that they were stealing parts of his soul. During the initial fight with him, K is effected by an Alcidian handshake, and as such, he could feel and taste anything Forbus did (for example, he could feel when Forbus burnt himself on his taxi engine or tasted pizza that he was eating). This also had the effect of his personality slowly taking over K's mind. In the end, his psychosis caused him (and K, who was completely under his control by this point) to pass out from fear when J used a camera-like device to "take their pictures" (J left the lens cap on, though the bright flashes prevented them from knowing). He was last seen in an MIB mental ward.

He made a cameo in The Quick Clone Syndrome, where he was stopped by Jay.