Volume The Men in Black Book
Issue in Volume #2
Issue in Total #2
Number of Pages 36
Original Cost $2.25
Release Date February 1990
Published By Aircel Comics
Written By Lowell Cunningham
Illustrated By Sandy Carruthers

Encounter is the second issue of The Men in Black comic series, and the second of The Men in Black Book series of three issues. Encounter was released in February of 1990 and was written by series creator Lowell Cunningham, and was published by Aircel Comics.


In Break Neck, Oklahoma, a farmer instigates a fight with a UFO. The UFO lands in front of him and the aliens step out requesting to take his gun. But the farmer refuses to give it up by saying that they would have to "pry it from my cold dead finger." Meanwhile Kay is traing Jay in hand-to-hand combat at headquarters. Jay wants to leave the MiB after Kay almost kills him again. But when attempts to leave the building he ends up walking around in a maze full of wierd and outlandish material until he ends up back in the training room with Kay who explains that he will never leave the Men In Black. Zed sends them on an assignment about alien encounter in Break Neck and Kay and Jay change and get in the car which is airlifted to Oklahoma by helicopter. When they get to the Wilkins' residence, Kay neurolyzes Horrace and Myra WIlkins to get the information from them. Horrace tells what happened. Then Myra added that they said they will be back until Horrace is dead. Kay told the Wilkins that the UFO wasn't a UFO, but rather caused from swamp gas leaking from a weather baloon. Meanwhile Agent Jay learns that his former employers believe him to be dead. Kay takes out his arsenal and wait for the aliens to return so that he could kill them, but Jay wants to try and reason with them. Even though Kay doesn't like his partner's idea just as he doesn't like aliens he lets him go ahead with his plan. It turns out that the alien is on a scavenger hunt on behalf of the queen of his hive and a gun is on the list. If he dosen't complete it, he will die. Jay gives him his handgun after emptying the rounds. The alien took the gun and left and promised not to come back.


Issue Information

  • 36 Pages
  • Black & White
  • Original Price: US $2.25 ($2.70 in Canada)
  • The first issue related to extraterrestrial activity. The first issue's central topic was a drug called "Berzerk."
  • Several elements from this issue wound up being worked into the plot of the first film, most notably the scene where a farmer encounters an insect-like alien.




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