Emilo Chauncy is an alien criminal and the main antagonist in Men in Black: Alien Crisis. In the game, he allied himself with the alien race the Adorians and hired Peter Delacour, the future Mib Agent P, to steal an egyptian tablet that will allow him to rule not only Earth, but the entire Universe.

He is voiced by Josh Gad


Emilo Chauncy was an Adorian criminal who schemed to defeat the Nakkadans and rule the universe. At some point, he and the Adorians arrived on Earth to steal an mysterious egyptian book and Chauncy hired thief Peter Delacour to steal it. Peter successfully stole the artifact and handed it to Chauncy, who thanked Peter for his success, but Peter questioned his purpose for wanting the book. Chauncy refused to reveal his intentions of Universal conquest and unleashed his Adorian thugs to kill Peter. Before that would do so a group of Nakkadans disguised as human interrupt the meeting and Chauncy flees while pursued by Peter. Chauncy eventually escaped from Peter, but was pursued by MIB Agent C, but, despite her best efforts, Chauncy yet again escaped with the book. Later, Chauncy hosted a party for investors and planned to use the book for human enslavement. However, Agent C and Agent P, who was actually Peter neuralyzed by MIB after his theft, infiltrated the party undercover. Chauncy met up with an undercover Agent C and danced with her. After the dance, Chauncy and his Adorian aide discussed plans for human enslavement, and his Adorian aide urged Chauncy to focus on the Nakkadans and using the book to cause their genocide, but Chauncy used the book to turn his aide to stone for a brief time. Chauncy vowed to enslave C first, but was stopped by P, who pushed a statue on top of him and took the book from Chauncy, who ordered his thugs to kill P. However, although C and P recovered the book, Chauncy was able to escape again, and cover up all evidence of the Adorians and their crimes.

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