Aileen's rookie partner who was assigned to her after the capture of the Inanimate. She is the same species as Aileen, yet is taller and slightly bulkier. She works aside Aileen transporting a sonic powered alien named Aldoosi into custody, only for it to escape during transport, forcing her and Aileen to team up with J and K. Eidi becomes intent on recapturing Aldoosi, as she views his escape as a failure on her part. While chasing Aldoosi with J, she commandeers the LTD, despite J's objections and her own admission that Aileen doesn't let her drive either, and ends up crashing it, however J takes the blame for the crash. Working together, J and Eidi manage to capture Aldoosi. Eidi and J bond while working the case due to their shared status as being rookie agents who happen to be partnered with their planet's best agent.