Edmund Clark Moffat is a human character in Men In Black: The Series.


He only appears in "The Head Trip Syndrome". Moffat is described by Agent J that he is a "conspiracy nut" who fears aliens and blames MIB for the first contact. He erases MIB from existence after stealing a time jumper from Jack Jeebs, beginning with Agent T, then Agent D, Agent H, and Agent Q, imprisoning the founders into a dimension out of time. Only J remained aware of Moffat's alterations to the timeline as a result of using a Baltian cerebral accelerator that advanced his brain enough so his thoughts could exist out of time. Once Agent K was the only target left, J deduced that Moffat had infiltrated MIB headquarters to get his information on the founders, as MIB agents had wiped their former identities from all public records. As anticipated, Moffat appeared out of a time portal at MIB, now reduced to a backroom behind a pedicure shop as a result of Q being out of the picture. J managed to cut power to a computer before Moffat could get information on K, forcing the bigot to flee back in time to intercept young K before first contact with the Baltians. But before he could erase young K, he is stopped by Kay himself. He attempts to escape for a rematch but is stopped and neuralyzed by Jay. The agents then tell him that the MIB and aliens don't exist and that no one likes a bigot before being sent through a portal. He is last seen in the picture as one of the six founders of the Men in Black.

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