Vital statistics
Title Thief
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Streets
Health Digested
Level Thug
Status Deceased
Location New York City

Creepy was a minor antagonist featured in Men in Black II, portrayed by Michael Bailey Smith. Also named the Thief, Creepy ambushed the Kylothian Queen Serleena just as she had assumed the form of a half-nude lingerie model. Intending to rape her, she instead swallowed him whole.

Men in Black II

Creepy did not witness Serleena's transformation, as he likely would not have approached her had he seen her true form. Instead, he ambushed her immediately upon her completing her metamorphosis; perfectly mimicking the appearance of a Victoria's Secret lingerie model in a magazine. Coming up from behind, he held Serleena at knife-point and licked her neck, making perverted remarks about her tasting good. He dragged her behind a large bush with the intent of raping her, only to be immediately overpowered and eaten by her, much to his horror. After swallowing him, Serleena sadistically remarked that he tasted good as well.

She walked out from behind the Bush, now with an enlarged stomach that held her would be attacker. Her stomach began to erupt with rumbling sounds that indicated that digestion had already begun. Serleena observed the lingerie model in the magazine, impatiently waiting for Creepy to finish digesting. However she realised two things; that her large belly now ruined her disguise, and just as a loud churning noise occurred, Serleena also realised she needed clothes. She walked back behind the bush and apparently regurgitated Creepy’s remains, taking his leather clothes to change into.

It is unknown if Creepy survived his ordeal, but his silence after exiting Serleena’s stomach indicates that he was killed. It is also possible that she fully digested him and simply regurgitated his clothes.


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