Cephalapoids are an extraterrestrial species that appeared in the Men in Black film.


It's unknown what they look like, truly. K implicates that they have gills, and that they therein could possess possible similarities to the Earthly creature, such as fish. On Earth, they look completely human except when they need to breathe, and their eyes pulsate.

Powers and Abilities

  • Enhanced speed - Cephalapoids are noted for their superior speed and stamina to that of humans. K said it was amazing how J, a human, was able to keep up with a Cephalapoid on foot.
  • Super leaping - The Cephalapoid possesses amazing leaping abilities, enabling them to scale a ridge or an arc. However, whether or not it's able to scale an entire building is unclear
  • Alternative Breathing - Cephalapoids are also born with Gills in order to breathe. When they first met, K corrected J, who mistakenly thought that the Cephalapiod he chased down used his eyes to blink differently to that of humans. K clarified that the Cephalapoid wasn't blinking, but was actually breathing using gills.

Men in Black

For an unknown offense, a Cephalapoid is on Earth running from the police, who quickly wince and pant. James Edwards, at the time a member of the NYPD, is the only one who is able to chase it. The Cephalapoid draws a gun on James, but is abruptly disarmed and flees. After a short chase, James manages to approach it. Apparently, this particular Cephalapoid is a soldier or a messenger of Edgar the Bug, and says that the Bug's coming and that its presence on Earth will bring the world to its knees. After giving this message, the Cephalapoid leans off the ledge and commits suicide, preferring to end his life on his own terms before Edgar's arrival, due to knowing that Edgar will most likely kill him for failing to assassinate his target. This particular Cephalopoid was later alluded to at Jeebs, where it was revealed that the gun James briefly saw earlier during a scuffle with him that got destroyed was a reverberating carbonizer with mutate capacity, with K deducing that the Cephalapoid was most likely trying to undergo a hit against someone, and then demanded that Jeebs reveal who the target was, though Jeebs didn't know as the Cephalapoid didn't even mention a target.


Cephalopoid SS 01