Beatrice was the wife of Edgar featured in Men in Black. She is portrayed by Siobhan Fallon Hogan.

In the Film

She is introduced in the film being verbally abused by the farmer over his dinner and how useless she was to him. When Edgar compares her to his truck, Edgar the Bug arrives to Earth by crashing into his truck. When he goes outside to investigate with his shotgun, she briefly steps out to ask him what it was, only for him to rudely command her to go back in the house. After a while, Edgar returns to the house, but not as himself. When she asks what it was, he instead awkwardly requests for sugar water instead, to which she complies. After he drinks the sugar water, she notes that his skin is "hanging off his bones." He looks in a mirror and agrees. He pulls his face against his skull, asking her if he made it better. Realizing what happened to her husband and that it wasn't him, she faints.

When she eventually came back to consciousness, she finds Edgar gone and reports to the authorities about it. They of course don't believe her, and the story is mockingly reported in a market tabloid. However, agents Kay and Jay, after seeing the article, understand the reality of the situation. They arrive to the farm to talk to her. After telling her story, Kay neuralyzes her and tells her there was no alien, and dismisses the UFO crash as "swamp gas from a weather balloon getting trapped in a thermal pocket that refracted light from Venus." He also adds that Edgar abandoned her for an ex-girlfriend of his, and tells her to go stay with her mother for a couple nights and she'll eventually get over it and be better off. Jay then tries to make her situation easier on her by adding on that he never appreciated her anyway (something that was coincidentally correct), then goes on to even slightly alter the story, stating that she kicked him out of the house and now she can do more with herself, such as going shopping, and especially hiring a decorator to fix her house.


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