Baltian is a member of an alien race of unknown origin. They are first seen in a photo album given to J, and there is very little known about them. Baltians are noticeably tall (approximately 7.5 feet, or 2.25 meters), and resemble the "grey alien" seen in pop culture. They are also known to apparently be technologically gifted beings.


First Contact

The Baltians have the distinction of being the first official alien life-form to contact the human race as well as the MiB during its infancy. The MiB first learned of their existence when they landed on Earth on March 2nd, 1961 just outside New York City. They were a group of intergalactic refugees on a mission to establish Earth as an apolitical neutral zone for aliens without a planet. 7 MiB agents, one astronomer and a young K were present at this event. The agency assisted the Baltians on their endeavor and concealed any evidence of their landing.

The spaceships they traveled in were disguised as Observation Towers for the 1964 World's Fair.

Appearance in the Animated Series

The Baltians appear once again in the episode "The Psychic Link Syndrome" returning to Earth to show the MiB some of their newest inventions and their functions.


  • In early drafts for the first film, Gentle Rosenberg was going to be a Baltian, but most of the Baltian references and concepts were removed to not over complicate the plot.
  • In a Behind-The-Scenes clip, Barry Sonnenfeld revealed that Edgar, the Farmer, would have also been a Baltian in an early draft for the first film.


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