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The Arc Net Shield pendant in Griffin's hand.

The Arc Net Shield is an Archanan device held in Griffin's possession. It's sole purpose is to form an impenetrable shield around any spatial object. Griffin willingly gives it to Agent K and Agent J in order to prevent the Boglodite invasion of Manhattan in 2012. The Arc Net Shield is the main reason Boris The Animal is pursuing Griffin so vehemently, as his secondary goal is to prevent the extinction of his own race.


Arc Net being deployed in 1969.

In its dormant state, the Arc Net Shield resembles a small pendant roughly fitting in the palm of one's hand. Attached is a chain which contains several ornate symbols. In the center of the Arc Net pendant is a pulsating blue-green core resembling an atom's inner workings. Etched around the surface of the pendant are a miasma of curvy lines traversing the perimeter of the Arc Net Shield.

In order for the Shield to be activated around Earth, the pendant needs to leave the gravitational pull of the Earth. K devises a plan to use the Apollo 11 launch on July 16th 1969 as a foil for their objective in launching the Arc Net Shield into space. Once K places the Arc Net Shield on the launch escape tower on top of the Apollo 11 capsule, it takes off and the pendant begins to transform. After leaving the upper atmosphere, the pendant detaches from the rocket and explodes into a green light web, which envelops the Earth.