For the Agent M portrayed by Tessa Thompson, see Agent M

Agent M is an agent of an unnamed organization who appears very briefly in Men in Black II. He is played by the late Michael Jackson.


Film Continuity

Agent M is an agent of an unnamed organization equivalent to the MiB. He calls Zed at the MiB Headquarters telling him that the Durlock aliens are gone and the treaty has been signed. He asks Zed about his position for the Men in Black agency but Zed having given him a false promise says he is working on the alien affirmative action program and that he'll keep him posted. When he says that that's not what he promised him, Zed immediately hangs up on him but not before M told him that he could be Agent M.

When Serleena takes over MiB HQ and demands that Zed bring in Agent K for her, Zed dials another number on his phone and when Serleena takes it, she hears M on the other line. M assumes that Zed is on the other end and tells him once again that he could be Agent M. This however was a distraction for Zed to attack Serleena and escape but she subdues him.

In Men in Black 3 during Zed's funeral there is a podium of an Agent with an M on the statue, likely a nod to M's performer, who had passed away in the years since Men in Black II's release.


Men in Black II

Behind the scenes

Men in black II michael jackson.jpg

In the background of M he is somewhere in Antarctica surrounded by penguins. Jackson shot the scene in front of a blue screen and was coached by Director Barry Sonnenfeld.


  • Michael Jackson enjoyed watching the first Men in Black film and called Will Smith to ask if he could cameo in Men in Black II. Smith gladly accepted.
  • He has some similarities to the other M, who also have knowledge of aliens beforehand, applied for the position, and wears a black suit pretending to be a member.
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