For the Agent M portrayed by the late Michael Jackson, see Agent M (Men in Black II)

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Agent M (originally Molly Wright) is one of the two main characters in Men in Black: International. She is paired up with Agent H to protect, and subsequently investigate the death of, a Jababian member of the royal family, Vungus the Ugly. She is portrayed by Tessa Thompson.


Molly Wright is a cunning, sharp, and intelligent young woman with a determination to uncover the Men in Black. This desire stems from an event in her past, more specifically, the neuralyzing of her parents in 1996 when agents of the MiB visited their home, chasing a fugitive alien. Wright helps this alien escape capture, and avoids being neuralyzed herself. After tracking a signal from a satellite and following it to the landing site of an alien craft, Wright tracks the MiB back to their headquarters and makes an entrance herself, gaining the intrigue of Agent O, and is recruited into the ranks as a probationary agent.

Wright is the much more logical and cautionary of the pair, and serves as the polar opposite to Agent H's cocky and carefree attitude. After her involvement in the destruction of the Hive-infested High T, and the saving of Earth, she was granted the rank of full agent and reassigned to her home town of New York.


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