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For the Agent M portrayed by the late Michael Jackson, see Agent M (Men in Black II)

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Agent M (originally Molly Wright) is one of the two main characters in Men in Black: International. She is paired up with Agent H to protect, and subsequently investigate the death of a Jababian member of the royal family, Vungus the Ugly. She is portrayed by Tessa Thompson.


Early Life and Meeting an Alien

A young Molly witness the Men in Black

Molly Wright born in Brooklyn where she lived her childhood life with her parent. One day while sleeping she was confronted by a small blue alien. Witnessing her parent getting neutralized by the Men in Black, she chose to help the little alien escape.

Before MiB

After her experience with extraterrestrial life, Molly became devoted to finding the Men in Black by joining a agency that was secretly linked to the organization including the FBI and CIA, all of whom dismissed her as delusional. While working at her daily job, Molly is able to track down an alien landing. Go to the coordinates and bypassing a secret wall, Molly witness the Men in Black again. Using a taxi, Molly is able to follow the MiB agents to their headquarters. Molly walks pass Frank the Pug and the guard and tried to reach the headquarters but was quickly discovered and sent to their prison containment. Trying to get out of being neuralysed, Molly states that she found them first and talks about how she has no life outside in the real world. She makes an impression on Agent O and is granted probationary agent with the name the title Agent M. During her first mission she assigned to go to the organizations London branch.

Men in Black

Agent M is assigned to her very first case

Taking a special train, M travels to London's Men in Black headquarters where she meets the head of the branch High T. Here she finds out that he and Agent H saved the world by defeating a alien race known as the Hive, an alien race that merges its DNA to the conquered species, at the Eiffel Tower in 2016. Meeting H, M is able to arrange herself to get assigned to assist him in meeting Vungus the Ugly. During their night out with Vungus, M becomes annoyed with H laziness and constantly tells him to stay on the mission. They are soon accosted by two mysterious alien twins who fatally injure Vungus. During a skirmish, the twins are able to manifest as pure energy. Before dying Vungus gives M a crystal, telling her that H has changed and can't be trusted. Back at the headquarters, High T assigns M with Agent C to conduct an investigation with evidence suggesting that the twins have their DNA merged with the Hive.

M and H encounter the Twins

H however is able to convince M to join him in following a lead in Marrakesh. Heading over their, they meet alien contact Nasr and Bassam, where M learns of H romantic past with alien arms dealer Riza Stavros. Heading over to a secret alien workshop, they encounter a small alien named Pawny, the only survivor of a attack from the twins. Pawny pledges himself to M and as they head out are trapped by MiB agents who were sent by Agent C who suspected that M was the traitor and recovering a footage of Vungus passing the crystal to her. With the aid of Nasr and Bassam, they are able to escape using a rocket-powered bike. Stranded in a dessert, they learn that Vungus's crystal is actually a weapon powered by a blue giant. As they repair the bike they are betrayed by Bassam as he steals the crystal, intending on giving it to Riza.

M and H test the Crystal weapon

The trio attempt to retrieve the crystal by infiltrating her base. H tries to distract Riza while M and Pawny try to retrieve the crystal but M is caught by RIza and they duel it out, while H fights her bodyguard Luca Brasi, who overpowers him. However, before killing both H and M, M realize that Luca is the same alien she helped escape back in 1996. Luca returns the favor by allowing them to escape with the crystal while keeping Riza contained. While trying to get off the island, H reveals to M that his name is Henry. The duo are then confronted by the twins, who demand that they hand over the crystal. They are however killed by High T and other MiB agents, who congratulate both M and H.

M destroys the Hive

With the case seemingly closed, M and H review their the evidence and realize the twins wanted to use the weapons against the Hive. They discover that High T has deleted all the case files and did not return the weapon for evidence. They inform C of T's deception and travel to the Eiffel Tower to confront High T. As they travel to the wormhole, M questions H's memory of the Hive's defeat, and realize that he was neuralysed by a Hive converted T. At the wormhole, The High T/Hive hybrid activates a wormhole to draw the Hive to Earth. H devises a plan to draw out High T while M and Pawny try to retrieve the crystal. Pawny save M from falling into the wormhole and is able to get the weapon and destroy the Hive and High T and ending the invasion.

At the base of the tower, M and H meet Agent O and with High T's conversion exposed, M is granted full agent status while H is appointed head of MiB 's London branch. The next day M visit H in Paris they fly off together in the MiB flying car.


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