I hate the living.
—Laurel Weaver
Agent L
Real Name
Laurel Weaver
Agent (former)
Animated Series
First Appearance
Actor Info
Portrayed By
Voiced By
Jennifer Lien (season 1-3)
Jennifer Martin (season 4)

Agent L (also called Elle, or just L) is a former agent of the MiB. She is a beautiful but cynical deputy medical examiner. She joined MiB after Kay was neuralyzed, so she became Jay's new partner. In the original film she is played by Linda Fiorentino.


Before MiB

Elle before

Laurel in the morgue

In the background she played a large part before becoming an agent. Laurel Weaver is portrayed as a young and cynical deputy medical examiner. She has a fairly slender figure, and dark hair.

In the first film Laurel investigates the corpse of a man that Officer James Edwards chased. She finds that the man had two different sets of eyelids

Later on, Jay, and Kay search the morgue to look for the bodies of aliens that were killed by Edgar the Bug. After this, she is neuralyzed.

At the end of the film, she kills Edgar, after which she is recruited by the MiB and becomes Jay's new partner Agent L.

Men In Black: The Series

In Men in Black The Series she is moved to the lab inside MiB headquarters becoming chief scientific officer and an assistant to Zed.

In The Long Goodbye Syndrome when Jay is pursued by Skraaldian aliens she gives Jay a freezing weapon to defend himself from them after Jay accidentally blew one alien up by firing his noisy cricket at him.

In The Big Bad Bug Syndrome, Elle is pursued by another Bug named Edwin, Edgar's brother who wants revenge on her for Edgar's death. She is kidnapped again but when Jay and Kay arrive to rescue her all three are captured. They are later rescued by the Worms and a group of Bug bounty hunters. When the Bug bounty hunters need sugar to survive the Worms give them their sugared coffee. The bounty hunters fire at Edwin killing him just like how Edgar was killed.

In The Musical Chairs Syndrome her role as chief scientific officer is later replaced by Dr Zan'dozz Zeeltor because she wanted to move into field work.

She is also given a new partner an alien named Agent X, since Jay and Kay were partner's again, but since this series takes place after the events of the first film it is considered non-canon to the live action films.

Men In Black II

In Men in Black II, Elle does not appear, but is mentioned once. Jay explains that Elle apparently wanted to return to working as a medical examiner.




  • Though Agent L does not appear in Men In Black II (as like Agent K, she apparently retired) she appears regularly in The Animated Series.