Agent H (originally Henry) is one of the two main characters in Men in Black: International. He is paired with Agent M of the New York branch and assigned to protect, and subsequently investigate the death of, Vungus the Ugly, a Jababian VIP who holds the key to the most powerful superweapon ever created. He is portrayed by Chris Hemsworth.


Before MiB

Not much is known of Agent H's past, other than his first name, Henry. At one point Henry joined the Men in Black and became known as Agent H. H once had a relationship with alien arms dealer Riza Starvos, however broke up due to their jobs.

Men in Black

H and High T on a mission

In 2016, He and High T were assigned to go to the Eiffel Tower in Paris to stop an parasitic alien known as the Hive. While en route, the two agent met a couple and ordered them to leave but not before wiping their memory with a neuralyzer. Heading up to the main tower base, he and T were confronted the Hive. However the Hive were able to infect themselves with High T and neuralyzed H so he wouldn't get in way with their ultimate plan. For 4 years H was a known around MiB as one of the most best agent in the organization unaware of his nature. H himself never really felt like himself ever since the mission and constantly became more arrogant and lazy on his job. He never got fired since High T always covered for him.

H fight off the Twins

In 2019, H was on a case which involved him going undercover as a gambler. Playing a game with an alien drug dealer, H's cover was blown and he was forced to subdue all of the henchmen, however he was bitten by a poisonous snake. Knowing that the drug dealer (who was also bitten by the snake) had the antidote, he pleaded with the alien's servant to give him the serum, agreeing to sleep with the alien. Leaving the hotel, H made his way back to MiB headquarter where he walks in late in a meeting with High T. T assigns H to look out for the Jababian royal family member Vungus. H however meets young probationary Agent M, who manged to get herself to assist H on his mission. Taking a trip to London, H and and M went undercover and found Vungus at an alien dance club. H pimps out on M and decides to party along with the other guest, unaware of two mysterious aliens secretly attacking Vungus. Seeing that Vungus is looking to good, H as his taken home in a taxi which suddenly explodes. H and M confront the two alien twins who use pure energy against them. While M covers for Vungus, H use all sorts of weaponry to fight the twins, finally taking them out with a rocket. Vungus succumbs to his wounds and MiB later comes to investigate the scene.

H fights of Luca

H and M confront the Hive

Back at MiB, M is able to convince T and Agent C that they need them to slove the mysterious case around Vungus's death, saying that their might be a mole in MiB. H is demoted to desk duty, however he is able to convince M to follow a lead in Marrakesh. There they run into Nasr and Bassam, who reveal that H relationship with Riza. Going to a alien workshop, they recover Pawny, the last known survivor form an attack from the Twins. Heading back outside they encounter MiB agents who were sent by High T, who convinced by Agent C believes that M and H might be the mole due to surveillance cameras showing Vungus passing a unknown crystal to M. M and H split in different directions, where H gets a super powered bike from Nasr and Bassam. H rescue M from the twins and use a red button to then escape from MiB. Stranded in the desert, H and M learn the the mysterious crystal the Vungus had was actually a weapon powered by a blue giant. The weapon is later stolen from Bassan who plans to sell it to Riza. Late at night H and M are able to get the rocket powered bike working and plan to infiltrate Riza's Base. H provide a distraction by flirting with Riza, but Riza quickly calls the ruse, knowing that he is here for the weapon. H gets in a dogfight with Riza bodyguard Luca, who easily overpowers him. Taking him to Riza, she order him and M to be killed. However, M reveal that Luca is in fact the alien she helped escaped 23 years ago when she was a child. Luca returns the favor by allowing H and M to go free with the crystal. Walking walking, H reveal to M and that his real name is Henry. The trio are soon surrounded by the Twins who demand that they hand over the crystal weapons but are killed by High T and other MiB agents. T congratulates M and H and the case is closed. Back at MiB headquarters, H and M realize that something is off, when they deduce that the twins were actually against the Hive instead of being for the Hive as they previously suspected. They reveal to C that High T is actually the mole and that he is infected with the Hive. Taking a rocket powered car to the Eiffel Tower, M reveal to H that High T must have nerualyzed H so he wouldn't get in the way of their plan.

H witness the defeat of the Hive

At the main base tower, T tries to manipulate H by saying he was like a son to him while transforming into the Hive. While M tries to get the crystal weapon, H tries to reach to High T. H is successful in bring out T long enough for him to grab the crystal weapon and throw it to M. M is able to kill the Hive and T while ending the invasion. In the end, H mourn the loss of his father figure while M comforts him. Back on the ground H and M meet Agent O from New York branch. H is assigned probationary head of the London branch while M is granted full agent. The next day H, M, and Pawny go off to ride H's rocket powered car.



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