For the Agent E featured in the animated series, see Agent E.

Gustave Eiffel, a.k.a. Agent E, was one of the first MiB agents, and was responsible for the creation of the Eiffel Tower, which conceals a wormhole portal generator. This was used by Eiffel to secretly help several alien refugees who sought protection on Earth, in the event that came to be known as the First Great Alien Migration.

A portrait of Eiffel, labelled as "Agent E", is featured on the wall of the headquarters of MiB's London branch.



  • In real life, Gustave Eiffel (1832 – 1923) was a celebrated French engineer responsible for the creation of the Eiffel Tower. The information that he was an MiB agent contradicts the previously established timeline in which the MiB were founded in the 1950s in America, and their first contact with real aliens happened later, in 1961.
    • It's possible, though, that Eiffel's European agency wasn't initially known as the "Men in Black" and merged with the American agency later on.
  • Although this isn't directly addressed in the MiB canon, the real Gustave Eiffel was also involved with the creation of the Statue of Liberty, which probably accounts for the fact that the Statue conceals a giant Neuralyzer, as seen in Men in Black II.
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