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Agent D
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Former Name

Derrick Cunningham

Portrayed By

Richard Hamilton




MiB Founding Member/Agent (formerly)

"I will miss the chase."
—D's last known statement as an MiB Agent.

Agent D (or just Dee), real name Derrick Cunningham, was born in 1937 and a founding member of the MiB, and partner to Agent K. He was an old veteran agent, and had troubles keeping up. He was portrayed by the late Richard Hamiliton.


Dee briefly appeared in the beginning of Men in Black, and after he is unable to shoot Mikey, he realized he was too old to continue as an agent and asked to be neuralyzed. K reluctantly agreed, and Dee finally was retired after 40 years of service (since the movie was released in 1997, it is implied that he has worked for the agency since 1957.)

In Men in Black: The Series, Dee briefly appeared, enjoying his retirement with a woman (presumably his wife), before he is wiped from existence, along with all other founding members, although history was restored and he continues his retirement.

In Men in Black II, in the very end scene in the MiB locker room, a locker just labeled D is seen next to J's. This means either it was there for memorial purposes, or they have a new Agent D. At the start of Men in Black II, when J arrives at MIB headquarters he refers to one agent as D, confirming there is a new agent who has taken up the alias.

In Men in Black 3, a bust of an agent's head above the letter D is seen during Zed's memorial implying he may have also passed on since then.

D with K



D: "Spirit's willing K, but the rest of me..."

D:"I will miss the chase."

K: "No, Dee. You won't."(flashes neuralyzer)