For other agents designated as "Agent C", see Agent C (Men In Black: Alien Crisis) and Agent C (Men in Black: International).

Agent C is an MiB agent tasked with patrolling the ocean in a submarine and keeping in contact with the aquatic aliens who live there.

After spending two years in the submarine with no one to talk to and no company other than a (seemingly) mute alien co-pilot, he started to show signs of cabin fever and behave in a slightly deranged and awkward fashion. Agent K and the others still trusted him, though, indicating that he got his job done.

However, C was later convinced by Quintoon to assist in his plan to raise Atlantis from the ocean bed and restore the might of the Zangarian Empire. He did all this because he was desperate to have someone to talk to and, according to him, Quintoon didn't seem like such a bad person. Even after Quintoon kidnapped some alien tourists and kept hostage, C agreed to wait a few days before notifying the organization that something was amiss.

After being confronted by K, C regretted his actions and rammed the submarine into Atlantis to prevent its rise. He survived, and celebrated the end of his assignment, as he either quit or was fired and presumably neuralyzed afterwards.



  • The name "Agent C" is a pun on the word "sea". Additionally, it's also possibly a reference to Jacques Cousteau, the world's most famous oceanographer.
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