Known types of adorians

The average Adorian is larger, stronger, and much tougher than a human, but less intelligent. They care only for destruction. Adorians were once a political party of the Nakkadans and not a subspecies. They began to manipulate their DNA code to suit their worldview. Now, the only reason they fight is hatred and history. Adoria hired certain companies to genetically engineer their youth to become more powerful versions of their species. The results are stunning: these “medium” sized Adorians are over 30% larger and tougher than the typical being. An even greater benefit is that their gills are moved inside their body to protect them from damage and dry air.Elites are the largest and rarest of the Adorians – bigger than the “medium” sized version with only somewhat augmented brain power as well. However, Gene Manipulation Companies that create these beings know that their profits come from keeping the entire Adorian race alive but dim witted. Small sized female Adorians appear to be a little taller and skinnier than the small males as well as being mostly pink colored than green colored. Females, however, do not make an appearance in the game Alien Crisis and only appear in the Playstation 3 game, PlayStation Home. Females Adorians may only come in small sizes.



  • Adorians hail from the planet Adoria II and Nakkadans hail from its moon Nakkada

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